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Share Investor Q & A: Briscoe Group CEO Rod Duke

16 Sep 2010 07:50Share Investor
Briscoe Group Ltd [BGR.NZX] hasn't been immune from the current recession and its impact on the overall retail sector but it has fared better than most. The group consists of three major brands; Bricoes, Rebel Sport and Living and Giving, with Urban Loft a small chain present in the Auckland market only.

The company listed on the NZX in 2001 but has been a patchy investment in during its 9 year run on the stockmarket.

However with no debt and healthy cash reserves in the bank, the company, while not setting the stockmarket on fire has been around for decades and CEO Rod Duke has managed it well since he joined the company in 1988.

Rod, when he does make public statements, is always forthright with his opinions but he rarely talks about himself or his business preferring company results to speak for themselves.

All the more reason to stick Rod under the spotlight and find out more about him and his company.

See Rod Duke Q & A here

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