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Share Investor's 2018 Stock Picks

06 Dec 2017 21:09Share Investor

Halle Berry

Once again I got my girl Halle on the case and together we came up with these here stock picks for 2018.

Well, like other years this one has been a doozy for stocks.

From 6862 to just a tick over 8150 to this very day, the index has done well but you have to look out for the signs - if unlike me you tend to sell your stocks "high" at first glance of everything going to rack and ruin. AND what I have dear reader is very little idea of that.

I just tend to buy when everyone else is selling and when specific stocks are looking like a bargain.

What I also have to add, once more is the Trump factor this time we are looking at the tax cuts. I do mean TAX CUTS. These have passed the first - and biggest - hurdle and if they are to be passed before Xmas as Trump promises all bets will be off.

Depending on when the tax cuts happen - many say at the beginning of 2019 - investors are likely to see the likes of Apple, Microsoft and a whole host of other US institutions look to bring home their billions courtesy of tax cuts approaching 100%.

If they do come down in tax cuts favour the US and the rest of the world are in for an influx of capital wanting to go somewhere.

I'm guessing some of it will come back to share holders.

Crossing my fingers for US politicians to see sense. 

You'll see picks mainly from my portfolio as that is all I know. None from Australia this year because I don't have the time and two listed on the Nasdaq because the two I have picked I have picked before but this time for different reasons.

Share Investor's 2018 Stock Picks

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