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Share Investor's 2012 Stock Picks

12 Dec 2011 22:54Share Investor
2011 has been a hard year on the stockmarket but lets forget about all the drama the PIIGs, Greek meltdowns, American deficits and massive bloated debt that threatens to strangle all before it and reinstate the stock picking monkey to pick stocks for 2012 .

It is the 5th edition this year and promises to be one of the most interesting if only for the possibility that 2012 will be a worse year for stocks than 2011.

In the face of a continued global recession, an uncertain economic future that had a big impact at the end of 2008 and continues today 2012 will be harder to pick than 2011.

Please keep in mind dear readers that the picks are my own and they reflect my investment philosophy and not necessarily anyone else's.

My picks are primarily based on a long-term view, regardless of the current short to medium term market turmoil and economic uncertainty.

NB: Since I think most of my portfolio consist of the best stocks on the New Zealand market, I found it difficult to pick stocks outside my realm of self interest.

NB 2: Stock prices quoted range from Dec 1-10.

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