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Share Investor Q & A: Auckland Airport's Simon Moutter

13 Mar 2011 07:12Share Investor

Auckland International Airport Ltd [AIA.NZX] is a company with an asset that is known by most New Zealanders who have traveled and we are all aware that it is an expensive place to shop, park and fly. It has also been a great investment for long term shareholders since it listed nearly 13 years ago.

Over the last few years though the company has stalled in profit growth due to a downturn in world travel and some high expense capital requirements to modernise and expand the business.

It looks set for some good gains over the next few years however and announced on February 24 its 2011 half year result which comfortably beat last years.

AIA has been headed by Simon Moutter since 2008 but he is a relatively low profile individual.

What do we know of his plans for the Airport he heads, where does he intend to take the company into the future and what makes this CEO tick?

With that in mind I thought I would like my readers would like to find out more about Simon in another Share Investor Q & A.

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