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Allan Hubbard Saga: On Forged Signatures and Uncharitable Trusts

01 Nov 2010 09:48Share Investor
I happened to be down at the Diwali festival in Aotea Square with the family last night and popped into the Borders Bookstore to relieve myself and passed the NBR and couldn't resist a glance (I'm too lazy to get around to subscribing and don't understand what one gets if one subscribes to the online version or paper version. Do you get access to either one whatever sub you buy?) and noticed the inevitable Allan Hubbard story.

The NBR have been one of the best investigative noses around when it comes to the Hubbard saga, especially the financial bloodhound Matt Nippert and in a story dated October 22 he picks apart some dodgy signature work done by the aforementioned Mr Hubbard.

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