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Share Investor Interview: Xero's Rod Drury

03 May 2010 21:52Share Investor
Xero Ltd is an online software company that specializes in accounting for small business. It listed almost 2 years ago to raise NZ$15 million to enable the company to grow and raised a further NZ$29 million in 2009.

It has thus far reached just over 17000 customers but has yet to manage to push into profit.

Management say break even could be in 2011.

The company has products that seem to find favour with the customers it does have and users of Xero are enthusiastic to the point of idolization of their products.

To those outside the software business or indeed the company, Xero seems like a hard business to understand. What does it do? who runs it, will it ever make money?

I certainly don't understand the business and growing income and customers without making a profit is foreign to most investors.

With this in mind I thought it might be a good idea to go right to the horses mouth and fire some questions to Xero founder and CEO Rod Drury.

Most questions are from me but some have been submitted by Share Investor readers.

Read the interview @ Share Investor Blog

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