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Share Investor's 2013 Stock Picks

30 Nov 2012 01:03Share Investor

2012 has been a great year for stocks so forget about what might happen and suspend belief for a nanosecond and take a read at what I have for you.

The stock picking monkey has been very busy this year with a few surprises.

This year the monkey had a hard go at it but managed to get through quite a few interesting picks.

This year I have picked stocks based on nothing except value of the stock based on where I think it will go.

Please keep in mind dear readers that the picks are my own and they reflect my investment philosophy and not necessarily anyone else's.

My picks are primarily based on a long-term view, regardless of the current short to medium term market turmoil and economic uncertainty.

NB: Since I think most of my portfolio consist of the best stocks on the New Zealand market, I found it difficult to pick stocks outside my realm of self interest.

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