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Rod Drury's Xero: Share Investor Interview 2018

19 Feb 2018 15:07
about XRO, NZX
In our previous time together in 2010 Xero was a much smaller company with 17,000 subscribers. It is bigger now with subscribers passing the 1 million mark in March 2017 but the enthusiasm that Rod Drury had for the company is intact and as they approach the 1.5 million mark it seems to me that it would be a good time to revisit Rod. It would be a great idea to find out where he sees the company he runs, looks at itself in the next five years

Share Investor's 2018 Stock Picks

06 Dec 2017 21:09
Once again I got my girl Halle on the case and together we came up with these here stock picks for 2018. Well, like other years this one has been a doozy for stocks. From 6862 to just a tick over 8150 to this very day, the index has done well but you have to look out for the signs - if unlike me you tend to sell your stocks "high" at first glance of everything going to rack and ruin. AND what I have dear reader is very little idea of that

Long VS Short: Freightways Ltd

08 Dec 2016 22:12
about NZX
In this sixth installment of the Long vs Short series I am once again going to take look at the chart comparisons for a stock from the Share Investor Portfolio and compare the 10 year return (above chart) to the turmoil of the last year with a 1 year return chart (large chart at bottom of post). In this series I want to show the merits of investing, using charts, for the long-term vs short term gains or losses. I will use the longest available data to me for the long-term view (10 years )and will make a comparison against the NZX

Share Investor's 2017 Stock Picks

08 Dec 2016 22:08
She helped out last year and was kind enough to help out this year as well. Well, this year has been a good one for stocks on the NZX.  6324.26 vs 6824.00 as of today's date. The returns have been around 8%, to the overall investor, if you look at the overall index - that is without accounting for dividends

Share Investor's 2013 Stock Picks

30 Nov 2012 01:03
2012 has been a great year for stocks so forget about what might happen and suspend belief for a nanosecond and take a read at what I have for you.The stock picking monkey has been very busy this year with a few surprises.This year the monkey had a hard go at it but managed to get through quite a few interesting picks.This year I have picked stocks based on nothing except value of the stock based on where I think it will go
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