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Share Investor's 2018 Stock Picks

06 Dec 2017 21:09
Once again I got my girl Halle on the case and together we came up with these here stock picks for 2018. Well, like other years this one has been a doozy for stocks. From 6862 to just a tick over 8150 to this very day, the index has done well but you have to look out for the signs - if unlike me you tend to sell your stocks "high" at first glance of everything going to rack and ruin. AND what I have dear reader is very little idea of that

Share Investor's 2013 Stock Picks

30 Nov 2012 01:03
2012 has been a great year for stocks so forget about what might happen and suspend belief for a nanosecond and take a read at what I have for you.The stock picking monkey has been very busy this year with a few surprises.This year the monkey had a hard go at it but managed to get through quite a few interesting picks.This year I have picked stocks based on nothing except value of the stock based on where I think it will go

Port of Auckland Dispute: Time to move on

17 Jan 2012 08:14
Nevile Sidney Lodge, Evening Post 1976. Whatever side you are on over the Ports of Auckland (POA) employment dispute, what would be agreed by most is that the impasse must be ended and it must be ended quickly. The striking union workers have cost the port millions in lost revenue, cost it its reputation as an easy and reliable place to do business, cost Auckland City in terms of business from related industry and cost New Zealand in terms of its competitiveness and with other markets

Share Investor's 2012 Stock Picks

12 Dec 2011 22:54
2011 has been a hard year on the stockmarket but lets forget about all the drama the PIIGs, Greek meltdowns, American deficits and massive bloated debt that threatens to strangle all before it and reinstate the stock picking monkey to pick stocks for 2012 .It is the 5th edition this year and promises to be one of the most interesting if only for the possibility that 2012 will be a worse year for stocks than 2011

Woolworths puts The Warehouse back on the shopping block

27 Jun 2011 09:45
about WHS, WOW, NZX
Incoming CEO of Woolworths Ltd [WOW.ASX] Grant O'Brien let it slip at while addressing members of the New Zealand Food & Grocery Council in Auckland last Friday that his company was still interested in acquiring additional shares in the The Warehouse Group Ltd [WHS.NZX]"We would very much like to be a larger owner of The Warehouse" and "It is a business that is of interest to us."and if you didn't get it the first two times, "It's a terrific business and it's a business ..
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